Posted on 11/03/2018  In: News & Events  

Torino Power

The SICAME Group and TORINO POWER SOLUTIONS announce a cooperation agreement for IOT Sensors

18 months of technical evaluations and a test campaign that was started end of 2017 in the laboratories of SICAME Group, parent company of Cicame-Énergie, on the passive sensor (PLM) IoT developed for surveillance of aerial lines by the Canadian TORINO POWER SOLUTIONS, have allowed both companies to finalise a Memorandum of Understanding on common objectives.

On one hand, to determine the performance and the reliability of the sensor PLM for commercial purposes within clients of Sicame Group. On the other hand, to study the possibility of developing existing IoT and integrate the PLM sensors on the platform.

The Torino Group has chosen Sicame as partner who, beyond being one of the world leaders in electrical energy transmission and distribution line accessories, is considered as an innovative entity on the market.

The collaboration between SICAME GROUP and Torino is a unique development opportunity for utilities providing solutions for monitoring electrical energy transmission and distribution networks. The management of each entity are enthusiastic on the promising perspectives of the deployment of these new technologies on the essential energy sector where the subscribers quest of quality of supply, outage time reduction and network asset management has become quintessential