JDA-10 60T

Cicame Recommendations We recommend using certified Cicame dies to perform compressions of steel and aluminum sleeves. The dies must be checked before an installation that has more than 25 anchors and / or 7 joints if the last calibration is more than 1 year old. Nevertheless, the frequency of verification is the responsibility of the user according to the environment and the use. We recommend to use a verification template Cicame, type GNG corresponding to the matrix used to verify the complete closure of the latter during compression. All steel sleeves should be checked with the template immediately after compression to avoid the "Springback" effect. In the case of aluminum anchor sleeves, it is possible to check only the part on the conductor. Cicame Énergie also offer the following services: Tool rental; pumps, presses or dies Calibration and Verification - Verification and Maintenance of your hydraulic equipment.
JDA-10 60T

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